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Is Homelessness a Big Problem In America Essay - 1097 Words

Ever drove or walked pass a homeless shelter and wondered how so many people got there? According to the American Aid Foundation, â€Å"Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.† Getting a paycheck every two weeks does not mean a person cannot become homeless. Many would think only drug abuse and being poor are the reasons for homeless. There are many other ways to become homeless and for some people it becomes permanent. Many people that are homeless are single with kind, had/have welfare and do not have much work experience. The children are so youth that they develop emotional and mental problems. Drug and alcohol abuse become greater once people become homeless. With the proper assistance, all of that could be†¦show more content†¦Finally they are 23% of those that are US Veterans that are also homeless. Veterans become homeless because of substance abuse, disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or lack of benefits. There a re many different characteristics of people that are homeless. Not everyone go through the same endeavors to become homeless. There is three main reasons people become homeless: poverty, unemployment and lack of affordable houses. Poverty is when there is not enough money for support. If people do not have enough money for their needs, they will need to do cutbacks. Once they start cutting back, they get behind on bills and either get evicted or have to foreclose. They are plenty of homeless individuals that are still employed. Yet they are homeless because they do not make enough to be financially stable. Even though some people may be unemployment, they should still have government programs to be stable. For example, they programs like Welfare reform, food stamps, unemployment checks, and housing assistance. These are programs made in order to support those with no jobs. With the many cutbacks on the budget that the government has, people cannot be stable enough on their own. With rents continuing to rise, there will be a greater deficit on af fordable housing. According to Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids, â€Å"Two years ago the National Low Income Housing Coalition calculated that the hourly income necessary to afford the averageShow MoreRelatedHomelessness : An Crippled Problem1090 Words   |  5 PagesJasmine Berry Professor Mary Rhet 101 12 June 2014 Homelessness: an Undermined Problem in Society In America we have a deliberate problem with just neglecting to deal with serious issues. Why is it that instead of finding a solution to solving homelessness in America, we keep constantly sweeping the problem out of the public’s eye? We act as if this dilemma that affects more than 3.5 million of Americans each year does not matter. This concept boggles myRead MoreThe Problem Of Homeless People1278 Words   |  6 Pagesof the major problems with america today, it is a very big problem that needs to be dealt with. There is more than 3.5 million homeless people in america, this includes men, women, kids, veterans, and the elderly (Home aid). 44,359 homeless people and the 26% of Angeleno residents who live in poverty -- and who are falling into homelessness at the rate of 13,000 a month† (Homeless. Hungry. Help.) ,lozz.oThis quote is important because it is true. There isn’t enough housing in America for all theRead MoreHomeless in The United States 1309 Words   |  6 PagesHomelessness is a problem that happens in many different countries around the world. Definitions of homelessness are defined in different meanings by different people. However, the Stewart B. McKinney Act defines a homeless person as â€Å" one who lacks a fixed permanent nighttime residence or whose nighttime residence is a temporary shelter, welfare hotel, or any public or private place not designed as sleeping accommodations for human beings† (McNamara 1025). It is impossible to find out exactly theRead MoreEssay on The Causes Of Homelessness In The U898 Words   |  4 Pages         The Causes of Homelessness in the U.S                               Nawaf Saif Almoeini Alex Westbrook University Preparatory Program January 16th, 2015   Ã¢â‚¬Å"In 2010, †¦ the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness issued a comprehensive plan to eradicate homelessness for all people through interagency collaboration and aligning mainstream services. A key goal is to prevent and end homelessness for all families, youth, and children within 10  years†Ã‚  (Bassuk, 2010, P.496).  Homelessness is a situation thatRead MoreThe Problem Of Homelessness And Homelessness802 Words   |  4 PagesConclusion Homelessness has been an ongoing problem in the United States and it cannot be decreased until each state comes up with a plan that is affective. However, in order for this to work the economy needs to recover to the point where no one is without a job and is paid a wage that is manageable. The negative stereotypes of judging the homeless needs to be stopped and people need to be educated that homelessness can affect anyone. Although there are many services available to assist the homelessRead MoreHomelessness : The Logical Solution1246 Words   |  5 PagesGrowth Homelessness: The Logical Solution Abstract: Homelessness is an issue, which plagues millions of Americans on a daily-basis. The current mainstream method of dealing with this issue has proven to be inefficient and extremely expensive, a burden which is passed onto society, despite the plethora of alternative methods which have a proven success rate and also have a much larger cost when compared to that associated with general homelessness in the country. Introduction: Homelessness in NewRead MoreHomelessness : America s Resources For The Homeless Are Scarce1452 Words   |  6 PagesRunning Head Homelessness in America Resources for the Homeless are Scarce in America Justin Hooks Fayetteville State University 2/27/2015 Abstract In this study, I will take the time out and investigate the effects that every day citizens have on homeless citizens and how we can play a big role in helping homelessness decrease. Over the past years many citizens haven’t established safe and stable places to live. I will then elaborate on how you can be sheltered and unsheltered and stillRead More Rural Homelessness871 Words   |  4 PagesRural Homelessness As the Joad family lost its farm and hit the road in Steinbecks classic, The Grapes of Wrath, so to did America lose its ability to plead ignorance to the problem of rural homelessness. Yet, as the troubles of the Great Depression, and two million homeless Americans, were eclipsed by a world at war, the issue of homelessness was once again placed on the back burner, and then taken off of the stove altogether (Davis 275). Although this problem has seldom been discussedRead MoreWar on Poverty1156 Words   |  5 PagesWar on Poverty I believe poverty is a big social issue in America. Poverty can be the main cause of robberies, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, and homelessness. These are some examples that concern me the most. Many people in this country don’t realize how serious this issue is, although we see it happening all the time. This issue is so overwhelming that it’s not brought up by many people nowadays. Poverty in this country has been since America was established. There has always been povertyRead MoreA Brief Note On Open Your Eyes ! Homelessness863 Words   |  4 Pages Open your eyes! Homelessness is not just people living on the streets or cars because they chose to. Now empathize with the homeless. These are the people that are unable to acquire a lasting, regular, and safe place to reside. Often times society views the homeless as an invisible aspect of society and others view them as nuisances. There are so many underlying factors that explain why one is homeless, and what society can do to help this social issue. The basic human necessities in life are

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Tyfhbgyf - 1977 Words

The short story The short story -- Alice Munro an exception, (perhaps) -- is an illustration of one facet of human nature. Often a character undergoes some event and experiences something which offers him change. This is why its said that short stories usually say something, often a narrow or small something, but sometimes delivered with such precision that the effect is exquisite, even a life-moment for the reader, something akin to a religious experience or seeing a never-to-be-repeated scene in nature. For a minute, let me remind you that, for me, the perfect short story is written with a poets feel for language, with a poets precision, and that the shape and sounds and rhythms of the words are more commonly part of the works†¦show more content†¦Ã¯â€š · Develop a resolution: How does the main character come to terms - or not - with his or her problem? Source: Lessons that Change Writer, Nancie Atwell, 2002 Short Story Terminology Atmosphere - the general mood, feeling or spirit of a story. Characterization - the way that the author creates characters. Protagonist - the main character that is faced with a problem. Antagonist - the person, place, idea or physical force against the protagonist. Climax - the point of the highest dramatic intensity; the turning point. External conflict - happens outside the character. Internal conflict - happens inside the character Foreshadowing - clues of hints which prepare the reader for Future action or events. Irony - contrast or contradiction of what is expected and what Results. Verbal irony - occurs when a character or narrator says one thing But means the opposite. Dramatic irony - occurs when the reader knows more than the Character. Situational irony - occurs when the contrast between what Appears to be and what actually exists. Plot - action of the story. Chronological - places events in order of time from first to last. Flashback - looks back at events that have already occurred. Point of View - the angle from which the author tells the story. First Person Narrative - the narrator uses â€Å"I† and participates in The action. Third Person Narrative - the narrator uses â€Å"he† and â€Å"she† and is an

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School Voucher Program Should Be Abolished - 1727 Words

I propose a school voucher program that would be widespread throughout the state of Connecticut with special consideration to the Hartford school district. Each student in the state will receive a voucher equivalent to 65 percent of the per-pupil cost of the public school in their district. The remaining 35 percent of spending would remain with the school to pay for fixed-costs (with a few exceptions). School who take in out of district would receive the money that follows the child. For example, a Ellington student would receive a voucher of about $4,982 (65 percent of per-pupil spending) and that child could spend that money on any participating public or non-religious private school in the state. Schools have the choice to participate in the program. However, if public schools choose not to participate then state funding will be reduced and reallocated to participating schools. However, a few school districts are exceptions. I recommend abolished traditional public schools in Hart ford, East Hartford, Bloomfield, and Manchester. The current performance of students is unacceptable in those district that have high minority and poverty levels. You should close the public schools and instead allow private, magnet, and charter schools take control over the district. You should carefully select which schools are allowed in the district to ensure diversity in educational opportunities. Some schools should target students in specific categories like math, science, and the arts;Show MoreRelatedTitles995 Words   |  4 Pagesis a problem on university campuses America could start using year round school People should have green burial Non-essential plastic surgery should be illegal for children under 18 Parents should be informed if their child is given birth control It has been said that Americas biggest export is pop culture. Is Hollywood a good ambassador for America? Should public schools provide more classes and internship programs for students who choose not to go to college? Are college entrance examsRead MoreA New Millennium1846 Words   |  8 Pagesthe American nation has become more secure. With this reduction we have rekindled the belief in the American dream. Economic prosperity and sound moral and family values have begun to be reinstated in all arenas of American life. We believe there should be less government intrusion in the lives of Americans because only the American people can decide what is best for them. We stand for a rollback of federal government paternalism and intervention and instead call for an increased roll of the individualRead More Student Republican Party Platform Essay3390 Words   |  14 PagesAmerican nation has become more secure. With this reduction we have rekindled the belief in the American dream. Economic prosperity and sound moral and family values have begun to be reinstated in all arenas of American life. We believe there should be less government intrusion in the lives of Americans because only the American people can decide what is best for them. We stand for a rollback of federal government paternalism and intervention and instead call for an increased roll of the individualRead More Welfare For Children of Illegal Immigrants Essay4110 Words   |  17 Pagesin the U.S. New immigrants to our country are not a scourge as some politicians claim. In fact, they can help solve many of our economic and social problems. Therefore when a child is born of illegal parents, the child should not be refused welfare. In other words, the child should not be treated as a second class citizen. In fact since it was born in the United States, he or she is to be considered a United States citizen because that is exactly what he or she is. Although it is believed thatRead MorePhilippine Social and Political Issues3235 Words   |  13 PagesPHILIPPINES SOCIAL POLITICAL ISSUES 1. POPULATION – RH BILL 2. DEATH PENALTY 3. LEGALIZING DIVORCE IN THE PHILIPPINES 4. PLAN TO ADD 2 MORE YEARS TO BASIC EDUCATION 5. POVERTY 6. ECONOMIC DEBT 7. CORRUPTION 8. INADEQUATE SCHOOL FACILITIES 9. HIT BY FISH KILL 10. TERRORISM 11. THE LIFE OF STREET CHILDREN 12. HUMAN TRAFFICKING POPULATION – RH BILL The  Reproductive Health bills, popularly known as the  RH bill, are Philippine  bills  aiming to guaranteeRead MorePracticum Report4846 Words   |  20 Pagescomputer works. Most especially to my beloved parents whom with all their bestfaces,  the  hardship of  working  hard just  for  me to  educate,  thisexample of my success is a great chance that I will step the victory of  my life. We should keep up the good work  and thereafter when I should be pursuing my respective endeavor profession and occupation in the year ahead.   Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila Philippines +632 527-3248 http://immigration.govRead MoreIntroduction to Large Scale Organizations18988 Words   |  76 Pages scandals, working conditions, sweat shop labour -Many LSO s promote themselves as being green friendly -Vital as organisations cannot afford entire the infrastructure to train employees capable of driving an organisations objectives -Depend on schools, universities, educational institutions to provide technological and academical skills for future employee s -Drive change at a global level, key to business success -Failure or limitation in using technology can be a competitive disadvantage -ERead MoreThe Rise of China and Future of the West17670 Words   |  71 Pagesother hand, there is an hidden challenge: What should we produce in the future? Presently, China is a blessing for the consumers. However, if current trends were going on, we could export wine, antiques and tourism and import all the machinery and technology from China. Clearly the free trade theory ought to be revisite d! 3-Does a risk of conflict exist? In our opinion the answer is no, with a reservation about North Korea. The US-China relations should remain peaceful. The Taiwan-China conflict couldRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pageswritten permission of the Publisher, or authorization through payment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, website Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774, (201)748-6011, fax (201)748-6008, website To order books or for customer service please, call 1-800-CALL

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La Couch Dozone Essay Example For Students

La Couch Dozone Essay Quest-ce que la couche dozone?Lozone (O3) est un gaz incolore dont la formule chimique sapparente a celle de loxygene (O2). Lozone de latmosphere se trouve surtout dans la stratosphere, une couche de latmosphere situee entre 15 et 35 kilometres au-dessus de la surface de la Terre. Il est benefique a la vie sur la Terre car il absorbe les rayons ultraviolets (UV) nuisibles emis par le soleil. Par contre, lozone au niveau du sol, bien quil absorbe quelques rayons UV, est dommageable pour les organismes vivants. Cet ozone resulte de laction de la lumiere du soleil sur les gaz dechappement des vehicules. Cest une des principales composante du smog.Ces derniere annees, on a vu se former chaque printemps un grand trou dans al couche dozone au-dessus de lAntarctique. Un phenomene comparable dappauvrissement de lozone, quoique moins marque, a egalement ete observe au-dessus desBibliographynone I made it up right quick

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BLANK Essays - Copiap Mining Accident, Lawrence Of Rome,

COPIAPO, Chile (Reuters) ? Most of Chile's 33 rescued miners are honoring a pact of silence about the worst of their ordeal, but one indicated on Sunday he would talk if paid and another set the record straight about what didn't happen. Lucrative movie and book deals have been flowing in since the miners' miraculous rescue on Wednesday after 69 days trapped half a mile underground after a cave-in, and several are now looking to safeguard their financial future. So far, most of the men have not yet spoken of the very worst moments of their ordeal in a hot, humid tunnel 2,050 feet underground, particularly during the agonizing 17 days before they were found alive. The rescue was watched by hundreds of millions of people, a survival story that captured the world's imagination. "We can't talk about those things, because there is a pact. We can't talk about the period from the cave-in until we escaped," said Mario Gomez, who at 63 is the oldest of the miners, as he helped his family dismantle the tent at "Camp Hope," the settlement they erected after the accident. Fellow miner Omar Reygada said the pact aimed to ensure the real story was told about the days after the August 5 collapse. Some of the miners have said they were planning a book, and several said they had not yet decided as a group on the sale of rights to their story. "There's an agreement for us to speak as a group, to avoid distortions that can arise when we speak individually," he said. Click image to see photos of Chilean miners AFP/Claudio Santana [Related Video: Five touching moments for the mine rescue] Still, miner Jorge Galleguillos said the pact was non-binding, and told Reuters he would tell his story for a fee. He refused to speak in detail otherwise. "I have to think about myself," he said after attending a religious ceremony at the mine and touring the tent settlement where his family waited for his rescue. Mario Sepulveda, a joker and the most charismatic of the miners, who thrilled the world when he emerged from the escape capsule that hoisted the men to safety with a bag of souvenir rocks, has already tested the pact's limits. In an interview with Britain's Mail on Sunday, Sepulveda said he had at times lost hope of being rescued and had played dead in a macabre joke on the other miners. He rejected the suggestion that the men had sex while trapped underground or that he had considered cannibalism. "The reason I am speaking is that people have been gossiping and saying things and I think it is important for one of us, me in this case, to tell it as it was down there, but also to answer some of the things that people are getting wrong," he told the paper. "Saying we had sex down there with each other is just plain wrong," he added. "There are some things I will never talk about. But they are things that would embarrass some of the kids (younger miners). Nothing sexual, more that they acted like kids."

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Financial ratio Essays

Financial ratio Essays Financial ratio Essay Financial ratio Essay You have been asked to identify a range of sources of finance available to Fort Sport Ltd. These can include raising funds through a combination of finance areas. Please identify at least three sources. Fort Sport Ltd is a small private company who began trading in April 2013. The company supplies fitness products online to the public and specializing in mid range sporting goods and equipment. In 2014, it wishes to increase Its activity in the market and as such need to identify a variety of options for finance. As a manager of the Fort Ltd I have to consider the available options to enhance our company to be able to reach our goals to expand our activities and increase income generated by new products, and new marketing projects. Have to identify at least 3 possible sources of financing for our company. Here, I need to make a note that there is a company called The Beneath Group and they would be interested to invest into Fort Sports Ltd, however we also need to do research and analysis to explore the costs in such an investment, and also focus on market research regarding internet related businesses that is expected to grow throughout in the I-J and also world wide. If all these above mentioned points could meet and satisfy both sides the decision can be made for an agreement of an investment by The Beneath Group that is based on facts by our research. : As our company the Fort Sport Ltd is a small company it identifies as SAME or Small or Medium Enterprise. Therefore, our finance opportunities are limited to the options for Games. However, there are still many available financing options to small and medium businesses. SAME in definition Just to clarify what is an SAME I point out that a company with less than 500 employees that will be described as SAME. Other definitions for small businesses: Micro enterprises: those with between one and nine employees Small enterprises: those with ten to 99 employees Medium enterprises: those with 100-499 employees There are two type of findings available for business: -Short term finances -Long term finances It depends on how big is the business and so will be decided what finance source will be used, for a small business its different than for a large corporation. Short-term finances typically finance available for less than year: -Bank overdraft -Bank loans (Short term) -Loans from family and friends Trade credits -Leasing of assets (short or medium term) Eng-term finances typically finance available for more than a year: -Bank borrowings for long term -Secured bank loan on the property or shared capitals -Mortgages on the property -Grants and loans from other organizations or government -Venture capital Finance sources available for Fort Sport Ltd according to my research as lining manager: Option Number 1. The Blue Chip Investments There is an option to get investment from larger companies, especially with the time of new advanced technologies. The hope for a larger profit income is ore certain due to some real success-stories from the last few years, thanks to the constantly growing possibilities over the Internet. Although, the bulk of their investment portfolio is in large steady companies known as blue chips, they often invest in Seems in order to provide a more balanced range of investments, which have potential for higher growth. But this option only recommend to the executives if we have a larger future plan for example a new online sale project that expands to abroad globally. It is require serious planning and a reliable strategy with calculated financial growth. Option Number 2. Small Loans, Bank Loans, Private Loans, Family Loans Based on the numbers seen below consider our company rather small and therefore I would also keep more simple financing options that might be available for Fort Sport Ltd such as Bank Loans and Private or Family Loans. To take too big steps at the time is risky so I would rather recommend one small step at the time and step by step slowly but surely reach our goals. It is probably more suitable for the owners too, as it is a family owned business and to get a large corporation Or Founding Agency involved into the business s a risk that they might as well send a CEO to supervise their investment and the direction of the Fort Sport Ltd. s business strategy would also be at risk to change in the favor of the new investors, and it might not make happy the original owners, the family. Assets Fixed Assets 10000 Accumulated Depreciation 1000 Total Fixed Assets 9000 Current Assets Stock 2500 Debtors 1500 Bank 12500 Total Current Assets 16500 Total Assets Liabilities 25,500 Creditors 3000 Loan 2000 Credit card 750 Total Liabilities 5750 Total Assets Liabilities Equity 19750 Capital Retained Profit 16250 Total Equity 1 8250 Option Number 3. MOB as a Management Buy Out believe Fort Sport Ltd is still small company to get into the stock exchange market, and I will look further options to get the necessary financing from other sources. I would not risk a Bobs in other words a Boy Outs from a larger organization as keep that option for the time only when the Fort Sport Ltd as a company fails to produce income growth and would get into a financial crisis. However, an MOB (Management Buy Out is still a considerable opportunity to get financed and also get our Management more involved into the business and the future of the Fort Sport Ltd. As it is a well known fact that if employees of a firm or company are shareholders then they share a mutual interest with the owners to make the company successful. I believe this is a good way of financing Of the Fort Sport Ltd. Over the years it produced a significant growth and reached to a stage where more funding sources must be considered to be able to continue to be successful on the market. To clarify what does an MOB means: Management Buy Outs (Mobs) has led to the search for better ways of financing Games. This is where the management of the business is given the opportunity to buy ownership and matron of a firm, in the hope they can improve the productivity of the business. Option Number 4. Investment from another company It is to accept the offer for investment from the Beneath Group, which is a company that showed interest to invest into the Fort Sport Ltd. I am as a Manager of the Fort Sport Ltd would be interested about such an arrangements but it needs to be analyses first what is the cost of this kind of agreement for us and also investigate what do we benefit from such a contract and what is against it. Important to see the positive and negative effects of this arrangement for the future of our company the Fort Sport Ltd. Ownership percentages, etc. Option Number 5. Combined financial sources Me personally think this would be the best solution for financing the F-rotor Sport Ltd for the future as we are still not big enough as business to get financed according to a large companies opportunities, such as Stock Market, etc. We still need to be more realistic as our current fixed assets are not enough to secure us a long-term loan from a Bank for example, so we need to look for Private Investors, maybe groups such as The Beneath Group and also for loans fixed by family and friends, employees and maybe to combine these two elements would bring us the best results. To accept a smaller % investment from the Beneath Group in return they will get a smaller part in % of the ownership in the Fort Sport Ltd and as well as the loans from family members, private investors, employees, managers would be offered a chance for become an owner in part of the business of the Fort Sport Ltd. These type of financing nowadays are getting more popular as the company do not rely on a Bank entirely or another Finance Management Group instead deals with TTS own financing behind closed doors with the employees, managers and family members whos becoming a shareholder of the company. Conclusion And if the help available from an outside entity such as Besom Gregory who manages SAME to get the best finances available for them and ensure the best growth then would definitely get into such a partnership too, to find our best finance solutions! 1. 2 What are the legal, financial and dilution of control implications (percentage ownerships) and a risk of bankruptcy? 1 . In the area of Financing -? Funds are procured from long-term sources as well as short-term sources. Long-term funds may be made available by owners, shareholders, lenders through issue of debentures / bonds, from financial institutions, banks and public at large. Short-term funds may be procured from commercial banks, suppliers of goods, public deposits etc. The finance manager has to decide on optimum capital structure with a view to maximize shareholders wealth. Financial leverage or trading on equity is an important method by which return to shareholders can be increased. . For evaluating capital expenditure (investment) decisions, a finance manager uses various methods such as average rate of return, payback, maternal rate of return, net present value and profitability index. 3. In the area of working capital management there are various methods for efficient utilization of current resources at the disposal of the firm, thus increasing profitability. The centralized method of cash management is considered a better method of managing liquid resources of the firm. 4. In the area of dividend decision, a firm is faced with the problem of declaring dividend or postponing dividend declaration, a problem of internal financing. There are tools to tackle such situation. 5. For the evaluation of a firms performance there are different methods. For example, ratio analysis is a popular technique to evaluate different aspects of a firm. 6. The main concern of the finance manager is to provide adequate funds from the best possible source, at the right time and the minimum cost and to ensure that the funds so acquired are put to best possible use through various methods / techniques are used to determine that funds have been procured from the best possible available services and the funds have been used in the best possible way: Funds flow and cash flow statements and projected financial statements help a lot in this regard. The legal implications are to calculate % of ownership after each investments correctly and officially get investors as shareholders of the company. Partnership with Beneath Group -? with legally correct contract to make it clear what will be the role of the Beneath Group as only investors or they want to become involved in the business of Fort Sport Ltd as active participants of the work -Calculate cost for such actions -Make business strategy planning for the future to set our goals where do we wan t to be from this point a year later Risk of Bankruptcy and profit minimization objective gives rise to a number f problems as below: 1. Profit minimization concept should be considered in relation to risks involved. There is a direct relationship between risk and profit. Many risky propositions yield high profit. Higher the risk, higher is the possibility of profits. If profit minimization is the only goal, then risk factor is altogether ignored. 2. Profit minimization, as an objective does not take into account time pattern of return. Proposal A may give a higher amount of profits compared to proposal B, yet if the returns begin to flow say 10 years later, proposal B may be preferred which may have lower overall profits but the returns flow is ore early and quick. 3. Profit minimization, as an objective is too narrow. It fails to take into account the social considerations as also the obligations to various interests of workers, consumers, society as well as ethical trade practices. Further, most business leaders believe that adoption of ethical standards strengthen their competitive positions. 4. Profits do not necessarily result in cash flows available to the stockholder. Owners receive cash flow in the form of either cash dividends paid to them or proceeds from selling their shares for a higher price than paid initially. Modern Approach The alternative to profit minimization is wealth minimization. This is also known as Value minimization or Net Present Worth (NP) minimization. Value is represented by the market price of the companys equity shares. Prices in the share market at a given point of time, are the result of many factors like general economic outlook, particular outlook if the companies under consideration, technical factors and even mass psychology. However taken on a long-term basis, the share market prices of a companys shares do reflect the value, which the various parties put on a company. Normally, the value is a function of two factors: The likely rate of earnings per share of a company (PEPS) and The capitalization rate PEPS are calculated by dividing the periods total earnings available for the firms common shares by the number of shares of common shares outstanding. The likely rate of Earnings Per Share (PEPS) depends on the assessment as to how profitably a company is going to operate in the future. The capitalization rate reflects the liking of the investors for a company. If the company earns a higher rate of earning per share through risky operations or sky financing pattern, the investors will not look upon its shares with favor. To that extent, the market value of the shares of such a company will be low. If a company invests its fund in risky ventures, the investors will put in their money if they get higher return as compared to that from a low risk share. The market value of a firm is a function of the earning per share and the capitalization rate. The important issues relating to maximizing share prices are Economic Value Added (EVA) and the focus on stakeholders. Economic Value Added (EVA) is a popular measure used by many firms to determine whether an investment proposed or existing contribute positively to the owners wealth. EVA is calculated by subtracting, the cost of funds used to finance or investment from its after-tax-operations profits. Stakeholders are group such as employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, owners and others who have a direct economic link to the firm. A firm with a stakeholder focus consciously avoids actions that would prove detrimental to stakeholders. The goal is not to maximize stakeholder well being but to preserve it. It is expected to provide long run benefit to shareholders by maintaining positive stakeholder relationships. Such relationship should minimize stakeholder turnover, conflicts and litigation. Clearly, the firm can better achieve its goal of shareholder wealth minimization by maintaining cooperation with other stakeholders rather than having conflict with them. 1. 3 After assessing the possible sources of finance, you must choose a source(s)that would be appropriate for Fort Sport Ltd. You are required to: Evaluate benefits of different sources for Fort Sport Ltd Match term of finance to term of project As above mentioned prefer Option Number 5 (from my answer for question number 1 . ) where we do not give too much power to an outside entity such as an outside investor group as the Beneath Group but still get them involved in a smaller scale and in the same time offer a Percentage of Ownership package for our own managers, employees, families and friendly private investors. In this way the original ownership would not get out of power as they could keep still their ownership even over 50% and the rest could be offered combined to The Beneath Group and employees, etc. The Beneath Group would become as a partner and the risk of bankruptcy would get to the minimum if we get financially involved our employees as well. As earlier stated already if an employee is financially active within the company then it becomes his/her own business interest as well to make our company successful and presumably this will result in strong will among the owners and employees to make the company successful.

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The Student Motor Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Student Motor Company - Case Study Example Additionally, each and every individual’s personal moral principles and values also count. Social responsibility on the other hand is the obligation a business has as it aims at maximizing the positive impact of its activities and minimizing the negative impact its operation has on the society in general. Top level management in business today realize that ethical issues can no longer be applied in the context of administrative rules and regulations that must be adhered to and followed by everyone like in the past, it is indeed more than that. Ethics has transformed to become very crucial in determining the success of business with the heightened level of competition (Saviour, Nwachukwu, Faye & James 110). The ethical dilemma of The Student Motor Company The stakeholders of The Student Motor Company from the case study are the customers of the automobiles, the government regulators who come up with the numerous regulations managing the operations of the company and the industr y, various interest groups and the public in addition to each and every individual’s personal moral principles and values. ... Additionally, tests conducted on the automobile reveal that Zinger does not meet emission standards with a check on the EPA standards revealing that the need was to meet the requirements at the sale. Numerous studies further indicate that the customers were most likely to realize the fact that the Zinger pollutes beyond EPA standards after driving the automobile for a year or two. The tests results were forwarded to the highest level of the company management by Mr. Technical, a student motor company engineer. Tests conducted by student’s motor showed installation of the fuel tank above as opposed to behind the rear axle made the vehicle pass the 20-mile per hour rear impact test. Despite these concerns, and recommendations being made to the top management of the company, the company still went ahead to produce the Zinger informed by the fact that the automobile met all the applicable federal standards and compared on safety grounds to other similar cars being produced. Inform ed by this, I believe that the management of Student Motor Company is both morally and legally responsible for Mrs. Gray’s burn death. The responsibility of Student Motor Company for the emission standards for the Zinger My firm has both ethical and social responsibility to prevent known failure which may cause death. The firm is ethically responsible to the customers of Zinger, the government regulators and the numerous interest groups with interest on the firm like the shareholders, the suppliers and the employees. the firm are responsible for communicating to the customers any defects on the firms products that maybe detrimental to the health of the customers and